Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Target Beauty Bag

Target Beauty Bag - Free

If you remember back on April 4th I posted this Free Target Beauty Bag Giveaway well my beauty bag came in on April 26th, so shipping time wasn't bad at all. The bag is really cute it is a pink and orange striped bag. I think I will add this into my rotation of makeup bags.

The samples inside were actually pretty good, well most of them. I received a pack of 7 Simple Cleansing Facial wipes, a small bottle each of Nivea Extended Moisture Daily lotion, Neutrogena Visibly Bright dail facial cleanser, and pantene conditioner for fine hair. As well as a one time use card for Loreal Magic Lumi ligth infusing primer. Oh and coupons.

So here is my gripe with this beauty bag, why send a conditioner without shampoo? Sorry how can I really tell if this conditioner is going to work? I always use matching shampoo and conditioner because the formulas are meant to be used together, and the pH's match. I will just throw the conditioner into the box of other samples I have from when I go to the beauty supply store, or my mom will use it. I do like that the face wipes is a 7 pack, that is a great way to test a product. I love having facial wipes, with all the swatching that I do I can never have too many. The Nivea lotion will go into my purse because it is a great size! I also would have liked to see a bigger size for the primer, a one off application isn't really enough for me to decide of I like a product, its not like a sample of candy were either you like it or you don't. Even when changing soaps, facial cleansers, and hair products, it takes a few uses before you will notice any changes. This is because your skin and hair need to adjust to the change and a lot of products take a few uses before they can perform up to their claims.

Overall I give the sample selection a B.

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