Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sinful Colors in Slate

Sinful Colors

Sinful colors oh how I love thee, let me count the bottles! Slate makes 88. I can not say for sure if Slate is a new color or just new to the Harmons where I picked it up from.

Lately I have been seeking out gray nail polishes, in fact in April I purchased two Sally Hansen Wet Cement and NYC Sidewalkers. Slate is a dark gray with a shimmer, but its not silver. My bottle the nail polish is actually on the thicker side, so I may end up adding thinner.

This polish held up quite well for me, especially how hard I am on my nails. I did a base coat,  two coats of Slate and a matte top coat and had 3 days of wear before I had tip chipping. Now in my 3 days that includes working in a salon as an assistant, doing dishes, cleaning up after pets, typing and well everyday living. So I would say that is pretty good.

Two coats of slate over a white colored nail tip

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