Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So bummed out!

Well I read some sad news today. (no worries just makeup related) TKB Trading had to discontinue the POP Collection, due to the supplier discontinuing the line. Those are my favorite for mixing, I was waiting for them to come back in stock to order either an ounce or 4 Ounces each. Well I'm hopeful that TKB will find a great replacement

I do love how TKB keeps their customers in the loop and keep everyone posted on items that are out of stock. They are the best!

Never fear makeup lovers I'm sure the ladie at TKB will find a wonderful replacement for the beloved POP Collection

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Foundation Fun!

If you have seen me in my video you can tell I'm a shade up from albino. I've always had a hard time finding a foundation to match. Back before my wedding I went into MAC and had a MUA help me to find a color match, NC15 the lowest shade available. I love my MAC foundation, but at almost $30 a bottle, I wanted a more affordable everyday foundation. So.......

Today I was  playing the does this match me game. Well I think all the make up companies need to sit down and figure out what the hell the meaning of Ivory is! Most were way too dark. I check all brands, I wasn't being very picky just wanted a shade to match. I was able to find one to match me perfectly!!! It is Covergirl, Clean 205 in Ivory Sensitive skin. They also had the same shade in Normal and Oily Skin. I have only tried it on my hand so far and I really like the way it feels and covers, a huge plus for me is it appears to be very matte. I don't want to look shiny, glittery yes shiny no.

I also picked up a bunch of lip glosses, mascaras, a new nail polish, and a green corrector for redness. OH OH OH!!! My HUGE TKB Trading order came in too.

I will have so many videos and posts to work on.

So any other ladies out there have issues matching foundations? Maybe a tip or trick??

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stuff I'm working on

Hey Everyone!

I have been battling a cold for the last few days so I'm a little behind on some things I want to post. Have no fear I'm feeling better and hope to get a few reviews posted tonight and tomorrow.

A few things I have been working on are getting pictures of my make-up collection and set up, Pictures of my lovely shoe collection.  I will be writing up a review on the Ott lite make-up mirror - hint I LOVE IT! I also just got my Unii Palettes in today so I will get some info up on those, and when I'm not so stuffed up I will do a video review.

Oh and I have a large TKB Trading order coming in next week. *Squee!!!!*

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My TKB Trading Collection

Hello again! Today I will be talking about my TKB Trading Collection. I currently have 62 mica powders from TKB and I am looking to place a very nice sized order from them in the near future. If you aren't familiar with TKB they are a wonderful store that sells wholesale products to make makeup, soap, and candles. Their samples are $1.50 which are either a full tablespoon or a full teaspoon!!! You can't get that in any store! I have spent upwards of $20 for a 5gram jar of loose powders and you aren't even getting a full 5 grams of product. For more information on TKB Trading visit their website

So on to my collection of colors. I recently posted a video you tube showing off my collection, so I'm going to make a list here with the information on the powders, and I will also post a swatch picture of the hilite colors.

The video

The swatch picture.

These are safe for your eyes, lips, face and nails.
1 - Sparkle Turquoise - tablespoon sample
2 - Hilitie Gold - tablespoon sample
3 - Travel to Jupiter - teaspoon sample
4 - Travel to Neptune - teaspoon sample
5 - Travel to Earth  - teaspoon sample
6 - Travel to Mars - teaspoon sample
7 - Travel to Venus - teaspoon sample
8 - Travel to Pluto - teaspoon sample
9 - Travel to Mecury - teaspoon sample

Now on to my HUGE Collection! All sample sizes are a Tablespoon, unless noted.
These are safe for your lips, face and nails but NO EYES.
Pearl Pink
True Red Orange
My Mix Cranberry Blush

These are safe for your eyes, face and nails, but NO LIPS
Patagonia Purple
Pennsylvania Green
Cyprus Green
Colorona Dark Blue
Ballad Blue
Taurus Orion  - teaspoon sample
Capricorn Sea  - teaspoon sample
Indian Blue
Breath of Spring
Omega Blue
Blue Ice
Deep Blue

These are safe for your eyes, lips, face and nails.
Pinky Pink  - teaspoon sample
Glitter Bordeaux
Rouge Flambe Red
Love Song (all eyes on ria collection)
Midnight Train (all eyes on ria colletion)
All Love Green (all eyes on ria collection)
Apple Blosson
Pearl Basics
Twighligt Green
Midnight Blue
Blackstar Green
Brilliant Glitter Red
Cloisonne Red
Copper Basics
Copper Penny
Black Star Red
Black Mica
Black Amethyst
Crucible Red  - teaspoon sample
Red Basics
Chameleon fine
Aztec Gold
Smokey XXX
Swiss Chocolate
Antique Silver
Pluot Purple
Pink Red/Blue Shade
Bishops Violet
Apple Green Pop
Lemon Drop Pop
Blueberry Pop
Grape Pop
Strawberry Pop
Tangerine Pop
Raspberry Pop

If you would like a swatch set of any of the colors please let me know and I will get it up.