Monday, May 21, 2012

NYC Liquid Lip Shine

NYC Liquid Lip Shine
Wine n Dine & Fashion Ave Fuchsia

Yes I bought more lip gloss! If you have been keeping up I do believe this my 4th lip product post over the last 2 days, and I still have I think at least one more to come!
I have a large range of lip glosses, going from super opaque, to clear, shimmer, matte,  to flat out glitter on your lips. I love almost every one of them.....I have 1 I despise - but it isn't these!
I picked these up in Target, but I should have waited to get them in Walgreens since last week they were BOGO 50% off. Oh well at $2.99 a pop it isn't breaking the bank.

Fashion Ave Fuchsia
While in this picture it comes on a cardboard blister pack thing from Target, I don't believe they are like that in all stores. Anywho! It looks very dark when photographed but it is very bright! This will be a wonderful color to wear when you want that splash of bright shiny color. I did not find this to be sticky, color was pigmented, which for a pink gloss was a great surprise I sometimes end up with a more sheer pink. 

Wine N Dine
Wine n Dine is a lovely berry plum color. I do think I will end up wearing this more in the fall/winter, because it does remind me of Christmas. Just like Fashion Ave I didn't find it to be sticky, the gloss is pigmented without being opaque but it isn't sheer. Which makes it great for layering over a lip stick. It also photographs a bit darker than it is in real life. It looks much more plum based versus maroon based as the picture looks.

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