Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wow! Its been over a year since my last update!

Ok I really need to get better at updating my blog! A lot has changed for me in over a year, I started school and graduated school in that year. I went to school to become a licensed cosmetologist, and so far I'm doing well on my path. I have completed my 1200 hours of training required by the state of New Jersey, I passed my state written test, and I'm awaiting my test date to go for my practical exam. I work at a salon as an assistant/junior stylist, which means that I help out the other stylists but I can also work on clients.

My husband and I are doing well. We moved in with my parents to try and save money to move into a better place. It has been a very long road since we both lost our jobs in 2009, but I really feel like 2012 will be the year that we can rebuild and move forward.

Sadly I have lost all but one of my ferrets, so Fry is still hanging around, he will be 6 this christmas. My cats are doing fine, for 11 and almost 12 they are as spry as ever!

I've restocked my etsy store, and I'm working to add more items. House of Kiz

I'm going to start buckling down and doing more reviews for products. I will also try to start posting more videos as well. I have grown my makeup and nail polish collection A LOT in a year. I have also gain some more confidence about speaking about products since being in school, one of the big things is learning to communicate with clients and potential clients.

Wow I can sum up a whole year really quickly huh?