Monday, May 21, 2012

NYX Provocateur Mascara

NYX Provocateur Mascara

This is my first NYX Mascara, and I won't be the lone NYX Mascara in my collection for long. I picked this baby up for $5.99 at Harmons - Face Values
I will be honest I picked this up to mainly be used as a bottom lash mascara. That is what I have used it for the last few days and I love it! I have my favorite mascaras that I use daily, but I will add this into rotation. The formula is wonderful and didn't clump at all. The brush grabbed each lash without pulling the mascara back off. I also didn't see any of that yucky mascara flakes after wear.

Provocateur has a 2 brush system, which is really 1 brush, but when you pull it through the tube for brush 2 it removes more product.

Brush 1 will give you a heavy application. I do find that when you pull the brush out from this position  you will end up with a lot of product on the tip of the brush. I just rub it off on the inside of the tube prior to application.

 Brush 2 will give you a lighter application. This is the brush I use for my bottom lashes

Overall I'm quite happy with this mascara, the packaging doesn't say if it is waterproof or not, but I didn't find it to run when my eyes watered, and I used my oil based makeup to remove it without issue. 

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