Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sephora Lipstick

Sephora Lipstick & a Freebie!

I'm still trying to figure out how a trip to the mall to buy jeans (UGH!) ended with me getting 3 new Sephora lipsticks. Oh wait I know, my hubbie loves me! Plus 2 of the 3 were on sale for $5!

With Sephora's now located in JcPenny I do wander in there more often, it is much easier for me to sneak away lol. Well I snagged 3 lippies, for less than the price of 2! My birthday is in April and I never did make it to Sephora to claim my B'day gift, so when I signed up to get my Beauty Insider card (no idea why I didn't already have one!) the sales girl gave me my b'day gift too.

Well on to the goodies! The two shimmer lipsticks were onsale from $12 to $5, I'm not sure if this is in all Sephora's or for how long. The other lipstick I got is a regular Sephora lippie, I think it is a satin finish? What ever it is it lasted ALL day! I wore it to work, drank coffee, at a donut, smoked, went to a birthday party, ate dinner, drank more and it was still on at 11 pm! NO TOUCH UPS!!!! I'm speaking of Mr. Lover, it is the most gorgeous pink ever!!! It is in your face dark pink, and it can be worn day or night. I pair it with a nude eye and light pink blush so my lips just popped.
Ladies meet Mr. Lover!

The two shimmer lipsticks I got are Delirious Rose, which is a light pinked base shimmer with lots of glitter, and Extravagant Dahlia which has a lilac base shimmer with lots of glitter. I personally don't find these to be gritty. In fact I have a few matte lip colors that I plan to pair these up with to get them to shine!

Here are swatches of all 3 Colors

My free birthday gift was Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo

Which look like this

I love to have lip balms any type I'm not super picky, as long as they don't taste horrible I'm game. Sugar rose is a lightly tinted pink colored balm, and sugar is clear. They feel very smooth, and hydrating, I applied Sugar Rose before bed after removing my lipstick and woke up with soft lips. I used Sugar on my lips before applying my lipstick. I usually use Mac Prep and Prime, I applied Sugar, and then let it set in a bit before applying my lipstick. I find this is a great step when wearing matte lipsticks, it helps to avoid that dry feeling.

Overall I say I did pretty well at Sephora! I got a great deal and snagged for me the best pink lipstick since I got MAC Candy Yum Yum!

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