Wednesday, May 9, 2012

NYC Long Wearing Nail Polish in Fuchsia Shock

NYC Long Wearing Nail Polish
Fuchsia Shock

Another great polish for a great deal! NYC Long Wearing nail polish is $0.99 in CVS, can't beat that price! I picked this up because it was close in color to a Revlon polish, but was much cheaper! Fuchsia Shock is a creme polish that is just packed with pigment! I have a few other NYC Long Wearing polishes and the wear time on them is pretty good. Like I've said before I abuse my nails and I have even chipped gels!

Fuchsia Shock is beautifully bright pink, and top it off with a high shine gloss top coat and you have some fancy nails! I tried so many different ways to get the picture to come out true to life, but no matter what I did it still came out dark in the swatch picture. The bottle picture is much closer to the actual color of this polish.

two coats over a white colored nail tip

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