Monday, April 30, 2012

TKB Trading April Haul

This is my latest TKB Trading order. I really love TKB Trading, their prices are awesome, and the quaility of product is always wonderful. Plus they are always so helpful if you have any questions!
In this order I purchased 24 tablespoon samples, 3 teaspoon samples, and 1 ounce, 10 clear lids for the 25 gram jars and even after shipping and the extra $6 for the rush order, my cost was still under $70!!!

Here is the run down of my order:
Cotton Candy - 1 ounce
Virgo - Teaspoon
Crucible gold - teaspoon
Crucible khaki - teaspoon
All the following are tablespoon samples:
Sparkle Bronze
Moonstone Mica
Copper Fine
Austrialian Amber
Aster Hue
Grape Parfait
Artisan Coral
Sparkle Blue
Gleaming Gold
Bronze Basics
Glimmer Beige
Glitter Sienna
Brilliant Gold
Gold Fine
Colorona Bordeaux
Garnet Mica
Bronze Mica
Ocean Green
Bronze Fine
Radiant Gold

On to the Video

The lids

On to the swatches

Cotton Candy

Crucible Khaki, Crucible Gold, Virgo

Sparkle Blue, Aster Hue, Grape Parfait, Sapphire, Ocean Green

Colorona Bordeaux, Athena, Glitter Sienna, Bolera, Garnet

Sparkle Bronze, Copper Fine, Apricot, Bronze Fine, Bronze Mica

Moonstone Mica, Artisan Coral, Australian Amber, Brilliant Gold, Radiant Gold

Bronze Basics, Glimmer Beige, Gleaming Gold, Gold Fine

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