Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cos Bar for Target Nail Polish

Cos Bar for Target Nail Polish
Lime Green, Bronze

The Shops at Target (info from Target) Cos Bar is available from 5/6/12 until 5/12/12 from what I understand. I picked up two of these polishes for $3 each. 

To be honest I'm not finding anything over the top about these polishes. Could be that I really need to be wowed or maybe I was expecting something more since they are supposed the be "designer". I find it odd that the bottles don't have names for the polishes on them. The one Target lists as lime green, and the other is listed as Bronze. The other two colors are Copper and Purple, I didn't buy those yet.

Application was nice, lime green took 3 coats and bronze just the standard 2. The bottles are small and square, but the way the jar top is and the brush it is a little hard to hold, similar to when you have a mini bottle of polish.

Lime Green


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