Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Milani Runway Eyes Shadow

Milani Runway Eyes
Golden Touch, Royalty, Black Out

Milani Runway Eye Shadows are baked shadows, these three are sparkly! I love Milani baked shadows because it is like having 2 shadows in one, since when used dry you get one effect and while used wet you get a second. I've always had a wonderful experience with Milani shadows as far as wear time and ease of blending.  
Golden Touch is a lovely golden champagne color shadow with glitter. It is super sheer when used dry, which for me is a great highlighter. When used wet the color really pops.

Darker swatch is wet, lighter sheer shimmery one is dry

Royalty is a beautiful lilac purple with blue shimmer. 

Top Swatch is dry, bottom is wet

Black out is black with multi glitter.  When used dry you get this wonderful soft black with glitter shadow, when used wet is turns into a dark black with shimmer.

First swatch is wet, second is dry

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