Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spoiled by Wet N Wild

Spoiled by Wet n Wild
Daddy's Credit Card

Spoiled by Wet n Wild is available only at CVS, and cost $1.99. They have a lot of colors that are the same in the Fast Dry collection. While in Harmons the other day I spotted Cougar Attack in Fast Dry and I have it in Spoiled.

Daddy's Credit Card is a very metallic silver. I have found sometimes the spoiled brushes can be a bit wonky, but that isn't anything a few snips won't take care of. I love metallic polishes to the core of by being! So I had to have this one, and it is so pretty with its metallic glitter shimmer goodness!

This swatch is 2 coats over a white colored nail tip

Spoiled bottles are 0.5fl oz or 14.8 ml vs Fast Dry bottles at 0.46fl oz or 13.5 ml the price is the same for either one, the difference isn't that great and since they are the same price if you are after a color in spoiled and can't find it try looking for it in Fast dry or vice versa.

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