Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Brush Holders from Target

I love Target! Whenever I go there I always look in the dollar section, sometimes I find great things, and this time I picked up a ceramic pot for $2.50! And its pink! I filled it with floral fill from Michaels, now my brushes have a new home!
Above you can see my brush set up on the top of my Alex unit. The leopard jar is actually a candle holder, I've had it for a while but my guess is I bought it in Target, it also has the floral fill, I use that to hold my smaller brushes like my MAC travel brushes. This my new set up, with my larger face brushes in the back and then my eye brushes towards the front.

While in Target I also picked up a metal toothbrush cup on clearance for $3.98! This sits on my vanity to hold my dirty brushes.

I use to store my brushes in a utensil holder from Walmart, which i still love, but it doesn't work with my current set up.


  1. These are so cute! I'm always looking for more things to store my nik naks in.


  2. I love jars and boxes! So I'm always looking at then and going, "what can I put in there and where Cain display it?"

    And anything pink or animal print is huge draw for me, my make up trunk is pink zebra!