Friday, April 13, 2012

Revlon Diammond Lust Eyeshadow

 Revlon Diammond Lust Eyeshadow
Night Sky & Celestial Silver

I spotted these while shopping in Target, there was a total of 5 colors, I picked up these two to start. but after having them I plan on purchasing the other 3.

Night Sky is a black base with glitter, it can be a bit draggy because of the glitter, but if applied over a primer or base that issue is relieved. The color also pops better over a base (see swatch photo below)

Celestial Silver is white glitter, this is a great highlighter shadow, since it is a very sheer shadow. Even using a base you don't get opaque coverage. But I still love this shadow!

Shadows were $4.49 in Target

As you can see Celestial Silver is very sheer. The Celestial Silver swatch over the base appears more white beacause of the base.
Celestial silver no base, Celestial Silver over NYX Milk, Night Sky no base, Night Sky over NYX Milk

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