Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why I review the brands I do.

So you may have noticed a lot of drug store makeup brands being reviewed here by me. It isn't that I dislike high end brands, in fact I love MAC, and have a nice small collection going. I even own some other "high end" brands, but while I love them my wallet....well doesn't. I am a working cosmetologist, and I'm awaiting to take my state board practical exam, once I complete that and get my actual license I will be able to get enroll in discount programs from the major "high end" brands. Which will enable me to purchase more of those brands.

You will also notice very few if any negative reviews from me, that is because I generally do research before buying products, I understand that not all colors are going to work on my skin tone, and I take products for what they are. What I mean by this is a cheap nail polish is just that a cheap nail polish and it can be hit or miss in formula, and wear. Do my sinful colors last as long as my Orly polish? Of course not, but that doesn't make for a bad product.

With all that being said, I'm just a makeup junkie and want to share with anyone who will read it. I love reading makeup blogs and I find them to be super helpful and at times save me money by avoiding products that are not so great, or that won't work for me because of my skin type. I'm not trying to brag about how much make up I have or how much I spend on my makeup, for the most part I shop sales.

I would love to hear from my readers, so if at anytime you would like to see more swatches, please don't hesitate to ask. I would also love to hear about your experience with a product, maybe you absolutely hate a product I love. I have a lot of makeup that I haven't done reviews on, basically I just started really getting my blog up and going, so I just do the reviews on my most recent makeup and nail polish purchases.

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