Monday, April 16, 2012

Wet n Wild Single Shadows

Wet n Wild Single Shadows
Golddigger & Platinum

I have such fond memories of Wet n Wild makeup because it was the first pieces of makeup I ever purchased. Of course I have come a long way from just 8 pieces of make up, I kid you not! I only had 8 pieces, one each of black and purple in lipstick, eyeshadow, and eyeliner, nail polish. Now I have over 500 pieces of makeup which doesn't include my nailpolish!!!!

Ok on to these new single shadows, Golddigger and Platinum. As with most of my eyeshadows I find they work best over a base or primer. My newest obsession in make up is anything and everything metallic! For $1.99 its a great way to collect colors. My usual way of storing my Wet N Wild single shadows is to depot them and store them in my Uni pallete, but I think this will get much more use and will just hang in the shadow drawer.

Application is nice, does require some building depending on how dark you are looking to get the color. Wet N Wild has come a long way in their formulas since I began purchasing them back in the '90s

Top to bottome Platinum no base, Platinum over NYX Milk, Golddigger no base, Golddigger over NYX Milk

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