Monday, April 16, 2012

Sinful Colors Lip Shine

Sinful Colors Lip Shine
Peachy Sheen, Just Blushing, Pink Sugar, Crystal Cut, Crystalized

Found these lovely Sinful Colors Lip Shines while wandering Walgreens. I picked up all 5 colors that were on the display. (I meant to snap a picture of the display). Sinful colors lip shines are VERY VERY sheer, many of you may know that I can get very upset over lip glosses being extremely sheer, BUT based on how these look in the tubes I knew they would be sheer, plus the name Lip Shine lead me to believe these are not supposed to be pigmented. They aren't overly sticky and have a nice dose of glitter. I will be using these mostly for layering over lipsticks.

What I would say if you don't need to pick up all 5, you can probably get away with just picking up one.

Peachy Sheen – Lip Shine – Walgreens $2.99 - Is the gold shine of the group and actually seems to have the most pigment.

Just Blushing  – Lip Shine – Walgreens $2.99 - Pale Pink
Pink Sugar  – Lip Shine – Walgreens $2.99 - Pink
Crystal Cut  – Lip Shine – Walgreens $2.99 - Purple
Crystalized  – Lip Shine – Walgreens $2.99 - Clear

Top to bottoms: Peachy Sheen, Just Blushing, Pink Sugar, Crystal Cut, Crystalized

As you can see based on the swatch picture there isn't much difference at all between the colors. But THEY are shiny!
Do I love these? Not as much as I love some of my other lip glosses.
Would I buy them again? Most likely but not all 5 again since there isn't a difference between shades.
When would I use these? To layer over a lip stick, I have a lot of matte lipsticks that need the extra umph that these lip shines will provide.


  1. I bought a lip shine and it was very pigmented. It was red and looked awesome on me. Nice shine too.

    1. I did spot more colors the other day. I will try and snag some more and swatch those out too. Thank you for the tip on the red. I will make that a must.