Monday, April 23, 2012

Wet N Wild Fast Dry Nail Polish

Wet N Wild Fast Dry Nail Polish
9021 Orange, Party of Five Glitters, Gray's Anatomy

Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Polishes are $1.99
9021 Orange- Is an orange jelly glitter! I have been looking for a polish like this for sometime, I come close to finding what I want but never hit the mark.
But I think I hit the mark with this one. This swatch is only 2 coats, with more coats you may be able to get a more opaque coverage, but that would make the polish very thick on your nails.

Party of Five Glitters- Is multi glitter in clear jelly. I will admit this was a PITA to work with. I ended up just plopping the polish on just to get the glitter to show. I did this swatch with out a base color just so you can see the glitter colors. Despite the difficulty in use the outcome is nice. I find that for me the larger the glitter in the bottle the harder it is to apply.

Gray's Anatomy-is a color shifting gray to purple with some green in there. I found it hard to capture with the camera. The below swatch is 3 coats, the first coat went on very sheer, which is why I did 3. I am going to say this polish is a tad on the thinner side.

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