Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NYC Cityproof up to 8 hr wear Lipgloss

NYC Cityproof up to 8 hr wear Lipgloss
Round the Clock Ruby, Perpetually Hot Pink

Where to begin with these? I guess I will start with the color payoff, which is good, not great but good. They do require a little building, but for a lipgloss that can be expected. Now for the wear time, I didn't get 8 hours, I got maybe 4 hours, and that was with eating, drinking, and smoking. So maybe if I did none of those things it would have lasted 8 hours?

Even with the shorter than claimed wear time, and the required building I would snatch more of these up in a heart beat. They cost under $4, they are shiney, and not overly sticky.

Round the Clock Ruby - is a nice deep ruby red with shimmer, but no glitter.

Perpetually Hot Pink - Is a bright pink without being neon, and does contain so glitter.

I purchased mine in Kmart, but I have spotted them in Target as well.

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