Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Products from ELF, HD Blushes & Baked Shadow Pallets

New Products from ELF, HD Blushes & Baked Shadow Pallets

I was super excited to see that ELF was coming out with their own HD Blush, I was even happier to see the Studio $3 price tag, then to top off my excitement I got an email for 50% off Studio products! As you can see I ordered a few things, all 5 of the HD Blushes, both of the Baked Eyeshadow Pallets, and 2 lip glosses.

I'm going to start with the Lip Glosses, this time I only picked up 2, usually I end up ordering entire collections. I ordered Funky Fuchsia and Merry Cherry, both are Glossy Gloss.

Funky Fuchsia is a wonderfully bright pink and Merry Cherry is a great red, which will pair nicely with any of my red lipsticks.

Studio HD Blushes

This is what I am most excited about! I had to have all of these colors, and with as pale as I am the all work great! And all you need is a dot! Heck even a dot can be a lot! These are super pigmented, super creamy and smooth, and easy to apply! I put one on as soon as they came in yesterday, I'll admit it I used WAY to much but I tend to do that when I want to see how long before blush fades. I didn't see any fading for at least 6 hrs. Now I didn't have any foundation on, no setting powder, and no primer, so the blush was applied to my bare and lately oily skin, so I say 6 hours is pretty darn good! So with primer, foundation and setting powdering I'm thinking I should see at least 8 hours of wear!

The five shades are: Headliner, Superstar, Encore, Diva, Showstopper

I know I know you want swatches! Well here they are, nice and heavy and on my pale pale skin

Last but not least I picked up the two Baked Shadow Pallets, NYC and California these retail for $10 each, but with my 50% off coupon I snagged them both for $10. The pallets come with quite a large mirror, which I covered up for pictures. Each pallet contains 10 baked shadows, application was smooth, and most of the ones I played with have a nice shimmery finish.



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