Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ELF Baked!

ELF Baked Blushes and Shadows

Wow I'm really late getting this post up! Back in July I placed an order with ELF during their buy one get one 50% studio sale. So naturally I ordered a lot. I picked up 4 baked blushes, 5 Baked shadows, 1 lip scrub, an eyebrow kit and 2 new brushes! (I am working on a separate blog post for all my ELF Brushes)
I picked up the lip scrub because I really needed something to exfoliate my lips. This has really helped  with my chapped lips! I wear either lipstick or lipgloss on mostly a daily basis, and working in a salon I want to look my best! Using a lip scrub prior to wearing a matte lipstick really does wonders!

Now on to what you really came here to read about! ELF Baked Blushes and Eyeshadows! I really like the containers for both the shadows and the blushes, they feel great and aren't huge so they don't take up tons of room.

Baked Blushes
 I picked up all 4 blushes, and at $3 a pop (or less with coupons) why not! I apply this with my fluffy powder brushes and get such a nice shimmer glow. I pair these usually with another plush unless I'm going for the no makeup makeup look. I was a little worried that they would be too brown for my pale skin but they aren't. 

Rich Rose

Peachy Cheeky - is actually much pinker than it looks in this picture

Pinktastic - this is my favorite of the bunch, on my it has a goldish pink glow.

Passion Pink - also another favorite just the right amount of pink!

Baked Eyeshadows
I was only able to get 5 out of 6 when I ordered these, Toasted was out of stock. I do love the pigmentation I get out of my baked shadows, and I feel like I really get my money's worth since I can get 3 different colors/finishes out of each one based on how it is applied. To get a light sweep of color I apply on bare skin without base, to get medium shade coverage apply over a base, to get a rich dark or metallic finish apply wet (I use Mac Fix+). Depending on the application method I can get up to an 8 hour wear from these shadows.


Burnt Plum - actually much more purple than it photographed


Pixie - as you can see I use this one A LOT 


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