Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Medusa's Makeup

Medusa's Makeup

If you are looking for fun, bright, glittery, full of awesomeness makeup, check out Medusa's Makeup!
This will be a rather long post because I will be combining my two orders into one post. Continue reading after the jump or more pictures and information!
I came across Medusa's Makeup a while back but never ordered, then in July of 2012 I finally made the plunge and ordered the Lipgloss set and 4 loose shadows. My August 2012 order was much larger, I picked up the complete Electro Eye Shadow Collection, Dangerous Liaison Blush, and the Must Haves Set.

I will start with the must haves set. This includes Medusa's Eye Makeup Remover, Eyeliner Seal, Brush Cleaner, Stick it, The Fix, and 6 sifters. Stick It is an eyeshadow primer and The Fix is adhesive for glitter. The Eyeliner seal is so cool! You use that the make an eyeliner out of any eyeshadow, loose pigment or glitter. 

Dangerous Liaison Blush, this is such a wonderful loose powder blush. I love the container too! It has a domed lid, as you can see in the second picture below the medusa's makeup log is actually in the sifter sticker! Dangerous Liaison can be very dark, so if you aren't use to loose powder blushes start light and build up. When ever I wear this to work I get so many compliments on my blush! Working in a salon as an assistant can take a toll on my makeup, I'm always near water, and I'm always running around, but this blush lasted 8 hours with minimal fading!

Electro Eyeshadow Collection
This collection contains 12 shadows and is so bright and glittery!  When used alone you get a wonderful shear and glittery look, but when applied over a primer (stick it works best IMHO) you get a full impact bold and glittery look. It is like having two shadows in one! I love that the collection contains black and white, I use the white without a primer to get a super sparkly highlight.

 Electro Magenta

 Electro Purple

 Electro Yellow

 Electro Orange

 Electro Red

 Electro Blue

 Electro White

 Electro Black

 Electro Pink (much brighter than it photopgraphs)

 Electro Turquoise

 Electro Green

 Electro Kiwi

Lip Gloss Collection
This collection contains 12 lip glosses ranging from super bold to shear.

French Kiss, Bite Me, Lover Boy, Temptation, Gossip & Smooch

Sparkle Mania, Space Kitten, Talk Talk, Whispers, Loud Mouth, & Rumors

Last but not least Eye Dusts! I picked up 4 so far. Eye Dusts are loose powder shadows. Medusa's has 48 to choose from, so as you can image picking 4 was tough!

Soylent Green

New Wave


Ocean Drive


  1. I think you just convinced me to make my first purchase :)

    1. I just got in another order of pigments! I'm working on the pictures and swatches to get the post up ASAP. I picked up another 10 pigments! Make sure to sign up for the Medusa Newsletter, they have some great sales.

  2. I actually really want sugarpill but it's a little out of my price range so I'm settling for medusas electro shadows and brushes package it seems like a good deal. Like you I'm a tkb addict so I don't really like spending too much money on pigments but I want some pressed bright shadows do you know of any other good brands? I

    1. I want some sugar pill myself. I'm sure I will be splurging soon. There are many brands it is all just in the matter of his much you want to pay. I find it hard sometimes to justify spending $20 or more on one piece of makeup. So I keep those as treats. But I love to spkurge shop at tkb!

  3. Hey do you have an instagram account?