Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Makeup Forever No 75 Blush

Makeup Forever No 75 Blush

This is my first Makeup Forever product and I LOVE IT! It is marked as a blush, but at Sephora they said it can be used as an eye shadow too. Which I have done and it rocks my socks!

I'm a sucker for blush, and an even bigger sucker for hot pink blush! I think I have one in almost every brand, and I go by the motto "I can never have to many hot pink blushes, or hot pink anything for that matter!"

The compact is much smaller than my other blushes, it is actually more like an eye shadow size, but that isn't a negative! I have used No 75 as both blush and eye shadow.  It blends beautifully
 and lasts all day! While it doesn't show up in the pictures this is a bright almost neon pink!

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