Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Foundation Fun!

If you have seen me in my video you can tell I'm a shade up from albino. I've always had a hard time finding a foundation to match. Back before my wedding I went into MAC and had a MUA help me to find a color match, NC15 the lowest shade available. I love my MAC foundation, but at almost $30 a bottle, I wanted a more affordable everyday foundation. So.......

Today I was  playing the does this match me game. Well I think all the make up companies need to sit down and figure out what the hell the meaning of Ivory is! Most were way too dark. I check all brands, I wasn't being very picky just wanted a shade to match. I was able to find one to match me perfectly!!! It is Covergirl, Clean 205 in Ivory Sensitive skin. They also had the same shade in Normal and Oily Skin. I have only tried it on my hand so far and I really like the way it feels and covers, a huge plus for me is it appears to be very matte. I don't want to look shiny, glittery yes shiny no.

I also picked up a bunch of lip glosses, mascaras, a new nail polish, and a green corrector for redness. OH OH OH!!! My HUGE TKB Trading order came in too.

I will have so many videos and posts to work on.

So any other ladies out there have issues matching foundations? Maybe a tip or trick??

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