Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let the swatching begin!

I've been busy with work and reorganizing all my makeup and nail polish storage. I started putting a nail kit together, and the most epic of projects which I'm not even halfway done with is swatching out my nail polishes onto spoons!

I will have two ways to view my nail polish swatches, one is in my book, and the other is on the spoons. My book is pretty much complete, I just need to add the newest colors. But the spoons are no where near complete! In fact I will need to order more soon.

I ordered my nail sticks from ebay, I paid a bit more for them, but they shipped from the US so I felt the extra money was worth it to not have to wait upwards of a month for them to arrive from China.
Mine came 50 in a bag, and had a screw, they weren't on the bolt and in the below picture there aren't 50 on the screw/bolt either.

I picked up ball chain from Joanns in the jewelry dept, and from Michaels in the scrapbooking department. I had picked up rings from Staples, but didn't like they way they looked, so I returned those.

Here is my progress so far. Right now they are still sorted by brand, but once I'm done swatching all the polishes (haha I will never be done cause I never stop buying polish!) I will sort them into colors, glitters, and specialty (ie crackle, magnetic)

Lime Crime





Gels (no where near complete)

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