Wednesday, July 4, 2012

NYX Pin-Up Tease Mascara

NYX Pin-Up Tease Mascara

So many mascaras and only so many days to wear them. Pin Up Tease comes from the NYX Boudoir Mascara Collection, this one is the curling mascara.
While I didn't find this mascara to curl my lashes it did coat them well and gave me lots of volume! The scoop shaped wand is wonderful to work with, and does help to coat the lashes well. I only had to use two coats vs my normal 3 to get nice volume and coverage. The tube is rather large, but that doesn't hinder application.

Application was nice and smooth
Wear time was great! No flaking, smudging or budging.
Removal well this stuff didn't want to come off! You will need an oil based remover to get this off.

NYX does say this is a 24 hour wear mascara and they weren't kidding!

I have said it before but I always find it hard to write up a review on mascaras. Simply because everyone is looking for something different out of their mascara. I tend to lean towards mascaras that will give a dramatic bold full look. Rarely if ever will I purchase a mascara for a natural look, and 99% of my mascara is black and waterproof (I have 1 or 2 colored mascaras).

I picked mine up at Harmons for $6.00.

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