Saturday, January 22, 2011

General Update

Since it has been 6 months since I have posted anything I felt it was time to pick this little project of mine back up. With some words of wisdom and with the helpful push I need from the ladies at UEF (Unofficial Etsy Forum, I'm Back!!

So where to start, 6 months is a long time. Well my one year wedding anniversary has come and gone, not much has changed, since we have been together 10 years. Still it is a milestone of sorts. I have been working on stocking my Etsy store House of Kiz, which requires me to be sewing like crazy, but the fun part is always the shopping for supplies! We are still holding steady with 5 ferrets and 2 cats, no additions no losses (which is always good!).

Wow I feel a little overwhelmed on what to write about, I really can’t go six months without an update anymore.

I have been adding to my ever growing collection of TKB trading Mica powders, I am absolutely in love with their products! Not only are the prices great the colors are gorgeous! If you haven’t heard of TKB trading I suggest you check them out you can purchase a sample size of powder for $1.50, but don’t let the price fool you. Most samples sizes are a full tablespoon of powder, some of the more expensive powers will only be a teaspoon, but for $1.50 that is still a lot. If you love makeup you will love this site. I am currently working on my own haul video, but you can just search YouTube for TKB trading haul and see the wonders.

AHHH I’m all over the place I know but you still with me???

Oh! Hubby bought me a Cricut Expression which I LOVE!! I think that scrapbooking will end up being my second favorite hobby next to sewing. I now have a reason to buy all those lovely paper sets that I always thumb through at the craft store. I am still working to build a fun collection of cartridges, which will take some time due to the cost, but other than that I really love my Cricut!

I really feel all over the place, I will collect my thoughts and try another go tomorrow with hopefully a better thought out post.

Please visit my Etsy store House of Kiz

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