Monday, August 2, 2010

Lime Crime Make-up

My newest and latest make up obession is Lime Crime ( The colors are bold, bright and daring! Now looking at some of the colors of lipsticks you may wonder "Who wears that?" well I do! My usual colors are dark purples, red and pinks, but I saw the light blue and had to have it. Lime Crime eye dusts are wonderful as well, they work well both dry and wet.

The lipsticks go on smooth and with full color in the first coat. To me they last a wonderful length of time for not being a permanent color.

Their customer service is wonderful! I had an issue with one of my eye dusts from shipment, they replaced it no charge right away! Each time I have dealt with customer service it has been nothing but a pleasant experiance.

Over the last few weeks I worked hard to snatch up anything listed on her site, now with new colors coming out soon I can't wait to get my hands on those too!

Currently my lip collection is as follows:
Cosmopop - light orange
My Beautiful Rocket - Bright Orange
Styletto - Black
No She Didn't - light blue
Countessa Fluorescent - Bright pink
D'Lilac - Lilac
Great Pink Planet - light pink
Airborne Unicorn - light purple
Retrofuturist - Red

Currently my dust collection is as follows:
Circus Girl - Yellow
Lime Criminal - Lime Green
Primadonna - Bright Pink
Empress - rich purple
Duchess - light blue green
Pompadour - dark blue
Shoe Addict - bright blue
Cleopatra - gold/copper color
Medusa - black with blue flecks
Enchant - emerald green
Mermaid -teal
Elf - Bright green
Fairy Wings - glitter shimmer, lip safe

*Disclaimer I have not been paid my Lime Crime, I did not receive any makeup for free, I purchased all these products on my own.


  1. Yeah, I was very impressed by the blue lipstick. Personally, my colors are nudes and reds. I love M.A.C. in ways that are probably unholy and wrong.


  2. I'm really glad that you have also discovered TKB pigments - much kinder on the wallet :)